In order to meet the particular demands of the customers. Vikas Cranes provide them a personalized array of EOT Cranes in varying Capacities ranging from 1.0 T to 200 T Capacities of EOT Cranes. We are manufacturing Cranes using best grade Material and technologically advanced Machinery. The EOT Cranes Manufactured by us can be operated from Floor or from Operator’s Cabin. We supply EOT Cranes of various models using standardized Mechanical and Electrical item & Subassemblies for ease of maintenance and replacement. EOT Cranes are of Double Girder & Single Girder Type as per Capacity & requirement of Clients. Besides excellent packaging for safe transition, we take pride in speedy delivery to the customer site. We offer a wide range of EOT Crane models at Vikas Crane.


Vikas Cranes are manufacturing and supplying a wide array of Gantry Cranes for Marble Industries, Hydel Projects & Open Yards/ Workshops. Gantry cranes are varying from 1.0 T to 200 T Capacities & Span upto 50 Mtrs . The Gantry Cranes are with or without Overhang Girders for Trolley. The Gantry Cranes are used for handling heavy Marble Blocks, Hydro Mechanical Equipments, Sluice Gates & Equipments in Loading / Unloading open yards.


Semi Goliath Cranes are demanded by Industries that need significant Load Transportation Facility. These Indoor & Outdoor Semi Goliath Cranes are appreciated for their Optimum Working Space. Purchasers will avail our durable and Reliable vanity from us at business leading costs.


Our Jib Crane offers choices of different specifications and models. It also can be tailor made to suit customer specific requirements on lifting capacity, maximum angle of Slew, Jib arm length, and functionalities. With a maximum load capacity ranging from 80 kgs to 10,000 kgs, the Crane is suited to handling materials in the small work area which greatly reduces material handling time and labour burden as well as improves working efficiency. The Jib Crane is easy to install. The wall-mounted Jib, for example, is most often installed on the wall or pillar, taking up no floor space. Another example is the Pillar-Mounted Jib, which can be fixed to the column with ground clamps or heavy duty anchor bolts. Buying this Crane means small investment that will be rewarded with huge return.


Vikas cranes are counted as the foremost manufacturer and supplier of high quality Rope Drum Hoists. These Hoists are used mainly for lifting Sluice Gates & similar equipments at Hydel Projects. Rope Drum Hoists are different from Steel Wire Rope Hoists. These Hoists comprise of heavy duty high grade material Rope Drums, heavy Gears, Speed Reducers, Motor & Hand Operating Mechanism for emergency and all heavy fabricated frames ready to install condition and can be operated easily. These Hoists are available in a wide range of capacities and lifts.


Leveraging upon our different trade expertise Vikas Cranes are presenting our patrons a large assortment of Sluice Gates for Dams / Hydel Projects. These Sluice Gates are of different types such as Vertical Lift Gates, Stoplog Gates, Penstock Gates, Draft Tube Gates, Service Gates & Emergency Gates. Sluice Gates are used to control the flow of water from the Dam for irrigation & Power Generation. The sluice Gates are supplied with necessary Embedded Parts & Water Sealing arrangements.


Vikas Cranes is one of the leading Manufacturer and provider of Goods Elevators. These can simply move heavy Materials from One Level within the producing facilities to a different. The Goods Elevators / Lifts are Equipped with suitable size Cage along with push button Switches. This Switch installed for increased security and ensures that the Lift does not operate if the doors are left open. Additionally installed is an Indicator Switch to show the movement of the Elevators. An excellent Feature of those Lifts is an Emergency Stop Switch. The capability of the Goods Lifts Ranges From 500 Kgs to 10,000 Kgs. These Lifts are made up of High category of Steel and thus are sturdy and robust.

Services Provided By Us

Shop Assly & Testing

We supply EOT & Gantry Cranes duly assembled and Tested at our works. Final Testing of Cranes is done at Customer’s Site after Erection.

Hardening of Items

In Hardening of Items, quenching, a type of heat treating, is the rapid cooling of a work piece to obtain certain material properties. It prevents low-temperature processes, such as phase transformations, from occurring by only providing a narrow window of time in which the reaction is both thermodynamically favorable and kinetically accessible.